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Why Isn’t Illinois A Bigger Story Than Greece?

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As the Greek default (and it is a default no matter what they end up calling it) is finalized this week, the consensus seems to be that failure to reach a deal would cause a global financial apocalypse.

That may be true. And if it is, why aren’t we more worried about Illinois? It’s more or less the same size as Greece, its finances are in the same generally catastrophic shape, and its leaders are just as feckless and dishonest. It owes tens of billions of dollars to various investors and stakeholders and will clearly have to stiff many of them at some point. The following article captures the “failed state” dilemma perfectly:

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Turk – Greek Default Imminent as Financial Crisis Propels Gold

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Today James Turk informed King World News that a Greek default is imminent and investors should expect this rolling financial crisis to continue to propel gold higher.  Here is what Turk had to say about the ongoing crisis and what to expect going forward:  “I think the key item today is a Greek default looks imminent.  The various parties are in the final stages of negotiating terms.  They have now reached an impasse.  Basically, the German government and the international institutions involved are insisting that the private lenders take a bigger loss and lower interest rate on the new bonds they are to receive.”

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Which Currency Will Collapse Next?

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» The Next Stage of the European Debt Crisis; Towards Global Financial Collapse?

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Bob Chapman

International Forecaster

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Those who believe the European crisis is over are mistaken. The dislocation will continue as their economies slow and political, social and economic events converge into further crisis. The most glaring problem is the banks only taking a 50% loss on Greek bonds. The loss should have been 75% or even 80%. There is absolutely no way Greece can overcome that burden in a slowing European economy and an enraged population. They are still striking and demonstrating and they will continue even under a new government.


Some of the best economists in the world have been saying for almost as long as we have been saying that the weaker and smaller countries have to leave the euro at least temporarily. In our eyes that really means permanently. If Italy falls out it will take France with it and the euro edifice will fall. Very quickly it will be found that Greece cannot and will not recover. It is one thing to set recovery in motion in good times, but it is another to attempt to do so under austerity. These politicians in Europe have been self-serving. They are quickly going to find what they have done is not going to work. Greece should have never been saved, as we said from the beginning. They will need more and more money just to exist and you cannot have perpetual funding. Then you have the overriding social factor. It is simply impossible and once Greece goes, the other 5 will have to cut loose as well. Again, it will be called temporary, but their exists will be permanent. It simply cannot be any other way. Political hot air is not going to change anything. We have no details and bankers who refuse to face the music, and what is attempted to be achieved is impossible.

The concept of a tighter union with a new constitution won’t work either. We can go back to 1991 when these issues came forth and we stated the Europeans are doing this backwards. You need a strong constitution first, only nations involved that can meet the criteria of public debt of 3% GDP. Smaller nations cannot be allowed to falsify their balance sheets and above all you cannot use one interest rate for all. Just about everything that has been done has been done incorrectly. Unfortunately, the US and world economy hang in the balance as well. This euro, European and UK problem is not going to go away. By February it will again be front page news. There is an 80% chance that Greece will leave the euro in the next six months.

If Ireland and Portugal do not receive equal treatment, followed by Belgium, Spain and Italy, then they will all be forced to leave the euro. If you think for one minute that these nations can stand more than a year or two of austerity you are mistaken. The whole approach is wrong. They should all be allowed to leave the euro. The only reason Greece has been temporarily saved is to keep Greece in the euro. These one-worlders cannot bear to see their dream of world government fail. It has already failed. Do you really think Germans are going to give up their sovereignty? Wait for the next German election. You are going to see a house cleaning in the Bundestag that will be staggering. The German people are outraged at what these politicians have done to them. If anything the move in the EU’s strongest economy will be away from further consolidation, not toward it.

The magic number to keep the euro from collapsing over the next two years is $6 trillion that solvent European countries do not have, and using derivatives in place of cash is a prescription for disaster. Debt may be addressed, but the core economic and financial problems that were responsible for these problems are still not being addressed. That is a glaring lack of economic progress. Where is the capital needed for growth? Countries in the EU are going to have to increase money and credit and suffer the incumbent inflation; that is if they can even raise those funds and rollover old debt. Either that or China will lend $3 to $500 billion and we don’t think they are willing to do that. If China prints the money to lend, the value of the yuan will fall, the Chinese will take more market share and there will be more inflation. Their goods sold to Europe, the US and elsewhere will rise in cost as well. The Chinese will have to use cash euros or sell euro bonds. Such moves could be really upsetting to China. If aid comes it will be in much smaller amounts.

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Why Gold and Silver Prices Fell the most since 2008 – Wealth Cycles Blog

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Why Gold and Silver Prices Fell the most since 2008 – Wealth Cycles Blog.

Cagle Post » dollar apocalypse

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Cagle Post » dollar apocalypse.

Well done illustration of the impending “Dollar Apocalypse”!


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The God That Failed


I thought we would see the cartel do some crazy things around the $1,900 dollar mark for an ounce of the yellow metal, but today’s insane decision by the Swiss National Bank to peg the Swiss Franc to the Euro, is simply staggering:

The cartel has surely lost its mind.

There really is now only one currency left standing.

And I bet Gerald Celente is glad that he recently sold all of his remaining Swiss Francs to buy this one last remaining currency, the only one in the world (with perhaps the exception of silver), which upholds one of the key principal features of a good money, namely that it stores its value.

If you need to know the name of this last currency, please read the last twenty posts on this site.

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The God That Failed

The masterly Professor Robert Higgs waxes superbly on the warfare element of the welfare/warfare state, that has provided us with such misery since 1914 onwards, and is still killing innocents in Libya, in the hilarious comedy, fully choreographed by the BBC, which pretends that ‘window dressed’ Libyans ousted the rogue CIA agent Gaddafi, rather than hundreds of SAS and CIA men dressed as Arabs calling in Predator drones.

They don’t call MSM news ‘regular programming’ for nothing. Higgs provides the virus to wreck the matrix of this programming for the tax-paying masses:

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Peter Schiff Testimony Before Congress on Obama Jobs Bill (via

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So soon, all businesses that plan on making a profit will be gone from the United States… Great Job D.C.!!! Reality Check America! … Read More


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