Why Is Everyone Going Bankrupt?

Gradualism tricks the mind. Gradualism removes the shock potential of events, no matter how serious the consequences.

If you saw a dead body on the street, you would be shocked and horrified. If you saw two more dead bodies the next day, you would still be shocked, but somewhat less so. Then, if you began to see new bodies every day, you would eventually pay no attention at all. Gradualism neutralizes the mind and numbs the senses to reality.

The U.S. economy has been in gradual collapse for several months, along with Europe’s and economies of most of the world.

In the United States, it is common knowledge that bankruptcies are widespread and occur daily. Almost 46 million people are now on food stamps. No telling how many really are, as government statistics are totally unreliable.

We are having a debt collapse that will continue until the slate is wiped clean and a new system is put in place. Hopefully, it will be gold-based.

How long will this debt collapse continue? No one knows, but it would already have happened if the United States didn’t have the exclusive ability to print fiat money and force it on the American people and the rest of the world. Nobody else can do this.

Even so, inflation (debasement) of fiat money eventually becomes deflation. With the printing presses wide open, there becomes a serious shortage of cash, like right now. Nobody has enough cash money.

During the Weimar German inflation, the German government took over all newspaper presses in order to speed up production of fiat money. And of course, the money exchange value went to zero with piles of paper money in the streets.

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