“By End of 2012 Silver May Triple And Gold Should Be Priced Around $3800″

December 11, 2011 | By Tekoa Da Silva |

alasdairA few days ago I had the opportunity to speak with Alasdair Macleod, a proponent of sound money and Senior Fellow at the GoldMoney Foundation.

The interview was a fascinating discussion on the concept of money itself, different schools of economic thought, plus what may lie ahead for gold, silver, and the West.

A chief topic during the interview was Keynesian Economics and it’s deadly impact on society. Alasdair indicates that, “Keynesianism is a self-serving mechanism,” in which, “only governments, their cronies, and banks benefit. Outside of Ron Paul, you don’t have anyone with the foresight or the guts to take the Austrian view. If members of congress or parliament do find out about Austrian economics–they have to keep quiet about it because of the politics of the system itself.”

IKeynesiann speaking to the future Alasdair said, “We don’t have very long left to live under fiat money. We’re on an accelerating road to a complete destruction of paper currencies, with only about two and half years left to go. The economic establishment is collapsing. On one hand it’s frightening, and on the other it’s very exciting.”

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via Exclusive Interview – Alasdair Macleod: “By End of 2012 Silver May Triple And Gold Should Be Priced Around $3800″ | Bull Market Thinking.


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