You Want to See a Sobering Real Estate Chart?

For most people, Friday’s just the day before the weekend. Here at Wall Street Daily, though, it’s much more.

It’s the day I sum up the week’s most important economic and investment news. And I do it without all the claptrap. Instead, I let some carefully selected graphics do most of the talking for me.

This week, we have a sobering reminder that the U.S. residential real estate market still stinks. (Don’t kill the messenger.) But before we get to such a depressing note, let’s start with an interesting observation about the never-ending debt crisis in Europe…

The Euro Crisis That Never Ends

This is the crisis that doesn’t end,

Yes, it goes on and on my friend,

Some people are worrying how bad Europe’s debt problem was

And they’ll keep worrying about it forever just because.

You’ve got to be just as tired of it as me. Every financial newscast, blog, newsletter, magazine, newspaper and conversation with friends is dominated by the dreaded debt crisis in Europe.

I get it. Fear sells. People are really worried. Not to mention, stocks are getting whipsawed back and forth on each new development.

But you know what almost no one’s talking about? That stocks in the beloved BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China – are getting clobbered, too.

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via You Want to See a Sobering Real Estate Chart? | Wall Street Daily.

via You Want to See a Sobering Real Estate Chart?.

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