Germany Votes To Allow Exit From Euro

This is a project that was destined to fail from the start, as many Austrian economists predicted.  When the EU fails, along with it’s supranational fiat fraud the Euro(failing now at an accelerating pace), it will free the sovereign states of Europe from the authoritarian dominion of the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

I view Germany’s vote as a very positive development for the subjects ruled by the tyrannical EU, and a positive move toward sound money and liberty in Europe.  JT

Update: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leading party in Germany voted for a measure that would offer euro states a way to voluntarily leave the euro zone currency union, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Markets are continuing to see volatility alongside changes in leadership in Europe and a rush to balance Italy and Greece’s budgets. So-called safe haven spots have eased in the last week, with gold falling to $1,778 an ounce and the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury notes at 2.04%. The safe assets may yet see another record tested, however. Analysts at Goldman Sachs raised their 12-month gold forecast by 3.8% to $1,930 an ounce, one of the reasons being the chances for continued low interest rates.

Click below to read entire article:

via Germany Votes To Allow Exit From Euro – Forbes.


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