The Dollar is Done – Deal with It

(5 Stages of Grief over the Loss of the Dollar!)

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Psychologists tell us that there are five stages of grief over loss of whatever kind, usually death, or breaking up with a loved one, which are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I’ve applied these to the loss of the dollar, as I see most people today are still stuck in denial, and here’s how to deal with that.

Denial. Most people in America are in total denial. But the dollar is done. Most probably don’t think it’s done, because we all still use dollars to buy things. But do you notice prices going up? That’s the key sign that the dollar is done. The dollar is abandoning you, the dollar does not care about you, and you have to deal with it. People in denial will repeat the many lies taught to us all by the media and schools. The most popular of these delusions are, in order, “gold is too high now,” “how would I sell it,” “gold bugs are crazy,” “I’m not sophisticated enough to invest in gold,” and the classic denial line, “I don’t want to hear anymore about gold.”

I’ve actually researched over 100 gold bashing nay sayers, and gathered together all the most popular statements of denial, which you can see, here:

Back in Dec. 2009, the most popular statement of denial was “gold is too high now”, and that was when gold was $1200/oz. Today, almost two years later, gold is $1785, and climbing. Clearly, everyone who thought gold had topped out were simply in denial.

To get past denial you must accept the truth of sayings such as, “democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner”, and realize that our founding fathers never gave us a democracy, but rather, a republic, because they hated democracy, which is nothing more than mob rule. Democracies are inherently unstable, because when the people understand that they can vote for themselves benefits out of the public treasury, then it’s over. Why is it over at that point? Because with socialism, eventually you run out of other people’s money to redistribute. And then, to pay for things, the only way to do that is to print money, which will destroy the dollar. America hit all those points back in 1933. That was a long time ago, and that’s when we abandoned the gold standard. You should also realize that Obama is not as scary as the electorate who voted for him in the first place. Obama may come and go, but the stupidity of our fellow Americans is probably still with us, don’t deny it. Acknowledge reality, accept it, and deal with it. Best way to cope? Start buying silver, or work past the next stages of grief. First step, visit your local bullion dealership, or place an order with or call (530) 273 8175.

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