Calm Before The Storm

We’re in the midst of an amazing run off the recent lows in the stock market. As tempting as it is to buy some of leaders now, I think it would be a grave mistake. Nothing goes straight up so we have to be patient and wait for the proper buy points.

Gold and silver had a nice week and look ready to move one way or the other in the next couple days and the mining stocks are unbelievably cheap right now.

If you’re not close to, or already accumulating these mining stock that are on sale then you’ve got to really take a hard look at things.

We are not going through another 2008, so as far as I can see the low has already been put in for most mining stocks. Now may be the last best chance to get into this market before the mania phase begins, and you do not want to miss that, I promise you.

Fortunes will be made from owning the right miners going forward.

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