Joblessness: An American Epidemic

There will be no economic recovery until there is a jobs recovery.

Broken down and in ruins, the city of Detroit is feeling the full force of America’s economic decline. One in three residents live below the poverty line, half of the city’s public schools are closing, and crime is sky rocketing.

The Capitol of the country’s motor industry has an unemployment rate of just under 30%. But city officials and residents say the real figure is close to 50%.

They can downplay and manipulate these statistics all they want, but acceptance of the problem and the reality of the situation is the only way we’ll be able to move forward with real, meaningful change (not the campaign slogan, but actualization). So long as the narrative being shoved down the throats of the American public is one of denial and deception, the situation will only get worse.

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via Joblessness: An American Epidemic.


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