Wall Street – Off With Their Heads

Occupying Wall Street, demanding accountability … Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement covering a range of issues, with no clear leadership. Many of the protesters are upset with growing wealth divide in the United States Nobody’s being held accountable, one protester complains … What does it all mean? “We’re here for different reasons,” said Vincent, whose father is also unemployed and recently went through a home foreclosure. “But at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing, and that’s accountability. We want accountability for the connection between Wall Street and the politicians.” – CNN

Dominant Social Theme: Put them in jail or punish them for a long time. There will be blood. Or there should be.

Free-Market Analysis: There will be blood? During the French Revolution, the authority of the State was used to power the guillotine; CNN is happy to advance that same proposition in our view. Of course, the writer of this CNN story, Alan Silverleib, doesn’t exactly verbalize it, but Roseanne Barr was happy to bring it up in an interview on Russia Today.

Ms. Barr was not entirely vindictive. She would allow a selected few on Wall Street to make compensation, perhaps in the US$100 million range. But eventually, she said, the guillotine would have to come into play.

Now, Ms. Barr, being a comedienne, was perhaps exaggerating for comic effect (or perhaps not) but Occupy Wall Street is certainly raising the level of rhetoric. The crowd is turning restive, even vengeful. CNN is right on the scene to document such sentiments.

Is this good? Ultimately, we wonder how much of a difference it will make and whether the emphasis, therefore, might be misdirected. Here at DB, we promote private justice anyway. One of the reasons Wall Street gets away with what it does is because people have been deprived of the opportunity to take the law into their own hands.

If people, especially within the context of tribal and clan configurations, could administer justice as they did for tens of thousands of years, then many modern abuses might simply cease to exist or would never have come into play to begin with. People wouldn’t tolerate them. There is nothing like the prospect of a potential duel or vendetta to concentrate the mind.

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via The Daily Bell – Wall Street – Off With Their Heads.


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