Physical Silver Shortages Growing, Premiums Rising | Coin Update News

In my Numismaster column ( earlier this week, I discussed some facts about what led to the sudden sharp drop in gold and silver prices, then speculated on some possible events that might be occurring behind the scenes. I concluded that the drop in prices represented a bargain buying opportunity instead of being an indication that the gold and silver markets were past their peak.

The last sentence of the column noted that delivery times on physical silver were backing up. In the two days since, there has been a significant slowdown in deliveries. Further, premiums are on the rise. The reason for these trends is that virtually everyone is a buyer of physical silver and not a seller at this week’s lower prices. Not only are people buying, but they are buying right away rather than taking time to “think about it.”

The product experiencing the longest delay right now is Johnson Matthey 100 Ounce silver ingots. Buyers will have to wait for new product to be fabricated. The end of the line, as I type this in the early afternoon on September 29, is about 7 weeks delay. By the time this is published, the delay will almost certainly be longer.

For most sizes of silver ingots, US American Silver Eagles, and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, you can still receive delivery within two weeks from the time you pay for it. But, I expect these delivery times to quickly extend further into the future. Even if you can still purchase ingots at the same dollars and cents premium above spot price than two weeks ago, the lower silver spot price means that the percentage premium has risen. A $1.00 per ounce premium at $40.00 spot is only 2.5% whereas it would be a 3.3% premium at $30.00 silver spot.

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