A Massive Battle Between Inflation and Deflation! — Money and Markets

A massive battle between inflation and deflation is enveloping the globe. And for now at least, deflation is winning.

On the side of inflation are those who want to perpetuate the status quo — more government spending, more money printing, more debt, bigger bailouts.

And on the side of deflation is government austerity, cutbacks and a sinking global economy.

The fight is raging in central banks, parliaments and now — for the first time in recent history — even on the streets.

Wall Street

Look how it has spread just in the past few days:

On Wall Street and other U.S. cities, thousands of protesters are converging to demonstrate against a wide range of grievances — corporate greed, social inequality, bank bailouts and more.

The New York police arrested 700 of the protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday. But if the recent mass protest movements of Western Europe are any indication, rather than squashing the movement, the arrests are bound to merely spur more jobless Americans to join the rebellion.


In Lisbon and Porto, as many as 180,000 rallied against the government’s austerity measures, while labor unions call for a slew of strikes on October 20 and 27.

All over Spain, labor unions have just called a general strike to protest against government austerity measures.

Two-thirds of all flights to and from Spanish airports were disrupted this weekend … while teachers also began a two-day strike last week, closing schools for hundreds of thousands of high school students.

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